A short film about Ron Nagle

A Short Film about Ron Nagle

‘This guy was cool; he was funny. His name, Ron Nagle. As I learned more about him, the funnier he got. Over the years the holes have got smaller and the handles have got slipperier, morphing into ice-cream sandwich landscapes with chewing-gum trees. In the artworld they often use the term ‘having a moment’, which implies a great success that could be temporal and out of nowhere. With multiple international gallery and museum shows all at once, Ron Nagle is busier than ever. He is not having a moment; we are looking at a diligent exploration of over 60 years that’s matured into an exposition of the most astounding imagination. It’s not a casual accident, it is an ongoing romance’.⁣ ⏤Peter Shire (@petershire) for Apartamento issue #24

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