Hari Nef

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Alice Moireau

Alice Moireau

Featured in Apartamento Cookbook #8: Tuber, or Not Tuber? along with Vadim Otto Ursus‘ Beetroot with…

Apartamento, Robbie Whitehead

Arranging Things

Milan: For decades now, readers have searched for a rare glimpse of Arranging Things:…

Oliver Mol, Holly Gibson

John Wurdeman

The American artist, winemaker, cook, and forager John Wurdeman is featured in issue #33…

Jenny Wu

Frozen Time

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #33   The photograph of the missing being,…

Anne Hanavan, Rafael Rios

Erik Foss

New York City: Erik Foss, remarkable in artistic expression and in stature, has been…

Rachel Roddy, James Nelson

Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy is featured in issue #33 of Apartamento magazine, where she is interviewed at…

Fadi Kattan, Greg Holland, Yasmeen Mjalli

Fadi Kattan: A dish for dawn

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #33   When I think of kitchens, my…

Danyel Smith

Walls of Sound by Danyel Smith

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #32 Luther Vandross’ 1985 The Night I Fell…

Layla Benitez-James, Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Rebekka Bay

Copenhagen: Every so often, someone offers a blueprint for inspired living. Rather than a…


Lucia Di Luciano

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Apartamento, Iris Humm

ARKET and the Apartamento Bookshop

Barcelona: The Apartamento Bookshop is going on a European tour! As part of our…

Andy Thomas, Chris Tang

Alex Turnbull

London: Alex Turnbull has been immersed in art and experimental culture all his life.…

Camille Okhio, Jacob Feingold

Frederik Bille Brahe

Chapter 1: New York City

New York City: Our culinary world tour, which marks the rollout of chef Frederik…

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