Issue #33

Spring/Summer 2024

Featuring: Hari Nef, Franz Erhard Walther, Madelon Vriesendorp, Lloyd Kahn, Eric N. Mack, John Wurdeman, Antonia Marsh, Enrique Olvera, Ron Arad, Motoyuki Daifu, Jimmy Wright, Najla El Zein, Hans-Walter Müller, and Rachel Roddy. Plus: The interiors of Pedro E. Guerrero, texts by Yemisi Aribisala, Jenny Wu, David Zilber, Stephen Kearse, Fadi Kattan, Ronan Mckenzie, Sophie Mackintosh, and Amanda Maxwell, as well as ‘Termite Trails’, an essay by Diana McCaulay.


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John Wurdeman

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Oliver Mol, Holly Gibson

John Wurdeman

The American artist, winemaker, cook, and forager John Wurdeman is featured in issue #33…

Jenny Wu

Frozen Time

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #33   The photograph of the missing being,…

Anne Hanavan, Rafael Rios

Erik Foss

New York City: Erik Foss, remarkable in artistic expression and in stature, has been…

Rachel Roddy, James Nelson

Rachel Roddy

Rachel Roddy is featured in issue #33 of Apartamento magazine, where she is interviewed at…

Fadi Kattan, Greg Holland, Yasmeen Mjalli

Fadi Kattan: A dish for dawn

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #33   When I think of kitchens, my…

Danyel Smith

Walls of Sound by Danyel Smith

Originally published in Apartamento magazine issue #32 Luther Vandross’ 1985 The Night I Fell…

Michael Bullock, Grace Ahlbom

Hari Nef

New York City: Timing, they say, is everything. Some people are born under the…

Layla Benitez-James, Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Rebekka Bay

Copenhagen: Every so often, someone offers a blueprint for inspired living. Rather than a…

Dominique Nabokov

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