Long Sleeve T-Shirt


A collaboration between ARKET, Apartamento Magazine, and Munich-based artist Martin Fengel resulting in a limited run of 200 exclusive printed long-sleeve T-shirts.

The collaboration presents an interpretation of the four pieces that make up ARKET’s Cotton GSM™ program. Each piece has been edited with an illustration that represents the qualities of its weight.

All the illustrations are by Munich-based artist Martin Fengel.



ARKET differentiates the number of knitting needles and yarn counts used to create a core collection of jersey materials in four different weights. GSM, a standard measurement of fabric weights in textile trading, stands for grams per square metre and indicates the material’s density. A high-GSM fabric is typically knitted with shorter loops and is thus thicker and more compact, while a lower GSM denotes a finer and more loosely knitted material.The customised machine settings yield a variety of knitted fabrics characterised by firmness and balance. The resulting array of fabric weights allows garment patterns to be replicated in varying textures for different applications.

You can find more information about ARKET COTTON GSM PROGRAM.

Purchases for this item are limited to one per order.