Everyday Life Colouring Books for A.P.C. #4-6


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Published by Apartamento Magazine exclusively for A.P.C.

Pack of three colouring books.

The books, numbered 4, 5, and 6, add to first set of the Everyday Life Colouring Books series, which were published in 2012. The new colouring books feature illustrations by artists Jay CoverOlimpia Zagnoli, and Lennard Kok. Each book has a limited run of 500 copies and are available in A.P.C. stores, at apc.fr as well as the Apartamento Magazine Online Shop.

First Edition: September, 2017
Edition of 500 copies per book
Binding: Softcover with rounded edges, stapled
Pages: 16
Dimensions: 190 x 265mm
Published by Apartamento Magazine exclusively for A.P.C.

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